Ufa hockey players played well in the North American tour

03 декабря

A series of exhibition matches of the Russian women's national ice hockey team versus USA university clubs came to the end. In the fifth game the Russians beat the team of the University of Minnesota Duluth — 5:2.

Forum on youth employment problems will take place at Bashkir State University

13 ноября

The forum "Youth Labour Market: Problems and Prospects" will be held at Bashkir State University on November 13. Its main task is to identify and discuss issues of youth employment. It is expected that after the forum a set of measures to promote employment among young people will be prepared. Representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection RB, the Ministry of Youth and Sports RB, the Ministry of Education RB, as well as secondary and higher education institutions, the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic are among the participants of the upcoming discussions on employment issues.

Igor Saveliev’s book "Tereshkova Flies to Mars" is published in France

07 ноября

On November 14, the novel by Ufa writer Igor Saveliev "Tereshkova Flies to Mars" translated into French under the title «Les Russes à la conquête de Mars» («Russians fly to Mars" ) will be published and will be available for sale in Paris and other French cities. The website of the publishing house «Éditions de l'Aube» informs about it. The book is published as a series of translations of works by young Russian writers created by the Parisian publishing house with participation of experts and organizers of the All-Russian Literary Award "Debut". Earlier in this series the story by Igor Saveliev "Pale City" was already published.

Bashkir Pedagogical University will host the All-Russian forum "I’m a young scientist"

07 ноября

All-Russian Youth Forum "I’m a young scientist" will be held at Bashkir State Pedagogical University (BSPU) named after M.Akmulla on November 7-8. On November 7, from 10:00 a workshop devoted to different areas will start its work: astrophysics , algology, didactics, design and fine arts, information systems, history, linguistics, linguo-cultural studies, education, psychology, sociology, philology, ecology, including involvement of invited guests from Shevchenko’s Kiev National University, the Z.Ismagilov’s Academy of Arts RB, the Public Fund of Search Detachments of Bashkortostan, the Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Centre for Sociology of Russian Academy of Education.

The best company will be named at the end of the Year of Environment in Bashkiria

07 ноября

As part of passing now the Year of Environment the Ministry of Ecology will determine the best company of Bashkortostan Republic. Agricultural enterprises, fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services companies are invited to take part in the competition. Accordingly, the competition is held in three categories.

Natural growth of population was registered in Bashkortostan in January-August 2013

28 октября

According Bashkortostanstat (Federal State Statistics Service), a demographic situation in January -August 2013 in the country was characterized by an increase in the birth rate and death rate, compared to the same period in 2012. However, during this period natural growth of the population was observed in Bashkortostan.

Architects celebrate their professional holiday

07 октября

Today, on October 7, the World Architecture Day is celebrated. In Bashkortostan great attention is paid to improvement of cities and villages’ appearance, perfection of infrastructure with preservation of unique historical, cultural, architectural and natural monuments. Formation of effective system of town-planning regulation, creation of harmonious living environment for the population is extremely important for this purpose. Design institutes effectively work in the republic, some of them having sizable reputation in the country. The Bashkir union of architects and designers also functions here. Annually young architects graduate from the Ufa State Petroleum Technological University.

Ufa Planetarium spends the World Space Week

02 октября

The Ufa Planetarium invites all interested persons to the World Space Week which starts on October 4. This holiday is marked since 2000. It is connected with two major space dates: the first man-made earth's satellite started in the USSR on October 4, 1957 and the outer space treaty come into force on October 10, 1967.

One thousand of contract soldiers from Bashkiria will join the ranks of the Army of Russia

02 октября

This year the chief enlistment officer of Bashkortostan Anatoly Baltinsky named «increasing efforts on sending contract soldiers for military service» as a key feature of the autumn draft. The ranks of the Russian army will be filled up by 1000 contract soldiers from Bashkortostan. According to the chief enlistment officer, about 700 guys are already enlisted. During the autumn draft additionally 300 people should be involved. Anatoly Baltinsky underlined that it was a voluntary service, and there were quite a lot of people wishing to serve as contract soldiers in the republic. It is connected with growth of the army prestige and financial support of recruits. So, the allowances of contract soldier are increased to 20-30 thousand rbl. They have a possibility to receive habitation that is also important.

The first lesson at schools of Bashkiria - history of the Russian Constitution

29 августа

On September 2, at all schools of Bashkortostan lectures on the subject "20-years of the Russian Constitution" will be heard. It was offered to introduce lessons in parliamentarianism in educational institutions of the country at the meeting of Presidium of Legislative Council of the Russian Federation at the Federal Assembly in March. The corresponding offer was made by the speaker of republican parliament Konstantin Tolkachev and supported by the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.