International photo tour across Bashkiria has come to the end

18 июня

The international action «Nature. Human being. Culture. 2013» is finished in Bashkortostan. This project, aimed at acquainting inhabitants of different countries with Bashkortostan, took place already for the 23rd time in the republic. A photo tour became its central event, during which within eight days ten cities and republican areas were visited by a large group of photo artists from Russia, Turkey, Italy and countries-members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and BRICS — Brazil, India, China, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan. The photo tour included Ufa, Salavat, Sterlitamak, Kumertau, Gafuriisky, Karmaskalinsky, Kugarchinsky, Meleuzovsky, Sterlibashevsky, Fedorovsky regions. Photographers could visit at once two sabantuys in Karmaskalinsky and Gafuriisky regions, concerts of the international festival «Berdemlek — Commonwealth», impressing industrial objects at JSC «Gazprom neftehim Salavat», a dam at the Jumaguzinsky water basin, could see unforgettable natural landscapes in rural areas of republic, set of mosques, churches and monasteries.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev assisted Ufa fashion designers in school uniform creation

22 мая

Well-known couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev took part in designing models of the school uniform offered by the Ufa knitting factory. Vyacheslav Zaitsev marked the highest professionalism of Ufa masters.

Rustem Khamitov took part in the «Day of 1000 Cyclists»

20 мая

On Sunday, May 19, a sports holiday «Day of 1000 Cyclists» was held in Ufa. It was dated for the International Cyclists Day. Annually this day bicycle races and cycling competitions take place in all Russian cities. The holiday will be spent for the third time in the capital of Bashkortostan. This year over four thousand sportsmen started in a mass bicycle ride. In 2011 350 people took part in the project. In 2012 already more than 1300 people took part in it. The present «Day of 1000 Cyclists» was opened with a bike ride along the central streets of the city — from Lenin Square (City Council) to the Congress Hall sports area. The President of the republic Rustem Khamitov, and also the head of Ufa administration Irek Yalalov and the chairman of capital sport committee Sergey Stepanov participated in the ride.

Foreign students familiarised with cultural sights of Ufa

20 мая

The Youth Public Chamber at the Ufa City Council carried out an excursion over the city for foreign and nonresident students. The event organised within the limits of preparation for the Day of Youth, gathered nearly 40 students, the press-service of the capital City Council informs.

The Victory Banner was transported along the streets of Ufa

17 мая

The museum copy of the Victory Banner arrived to Ufa. In the capital of republic it was delivered by Heroes of the Soviet Union, cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalenok, Alexander Ivanchenko, Victor Gorbatko and Igor Volk who these days take part in a number of actions within the limits of III Republican children-youth festival passing in Ufa «Gagarin’s Days-2013». On Thursday, May 16, the Victory Banner was established unfurled on an armored personnel carrier and accompanied by an honourable escort it was transported along the streets of the city from the House of Officers to the Russian Drama Theatre RB. There the awarding ceremony of winners and prize-winners of the Republican Olympiads of schoolchildren on the Cup of Yuriy Gagarin took place. “The Victory Banner is the holy national symbol of the Victory of the Russian people against Nazi Germany during the Second World War,” twice Hero of Soviet Union, the space pilot of the USSR, the colonel general, the President of Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia Vladimir Kovalenok said.

Publishers of Russia developed their competence in Ufa

17 мая

The Regional seminar of the publishing manpower advanced training, organised by Association of Publishers of Russia (ASKI) at support of the Federal Agency on Mass Communications took place in Ufa. Publishers of Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Perm took part in it. Participants discussed questions of modern legislative base in the field of copyright, techniques of publishing preparation of book output, marketing, electronic books publishing, observance of specifications and publishing standards. The seminar program included reports by experts from Moscow — publishers, lawyers, experts in marketing, teachers of University of Press, in particular, the vice-president of Association of Publishers of Russia Oleg Fillimonov, the editor of "Nauka" publishing house Victor Terekhov, the general director of «Kniga po Trebovaniyu» publishing house Alexander Kazansky, a member of Committee on Copyrights of the International Association of Publishers (IPA) Elena Galustyan.

Cosmonauts met with mass media in the Ufa House of Press

16 мая

Cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalenok, Alexander Ivanchenko, Victor Gorbatko and Anatoly Filipchenko met with journalists in the House of Press. The Heroes of the Soviet Union take part in a number of actions which are passing these days in Ufa. The assembly hall was filled with representatives of mass-media, public figures and pupils of the grammar school No.39. Schoolchildren were the first to ask the question — about state of health of cosmonauts in the conditions of weightlessness.

Interdistrict track and field race for Rima Batalova’s prizes will be held in Bashkiria

16 мая

The fifth interdistrict track and fieldrace for the prizes of the 13-fold Paralympic champion on track and field athletics Rima Batalova will take place in Sharan village.

Pupils of children's homes of Bashkiria will be shown «The Truth about Drugs» documentary

16 мая

In Bashkortostan a counter-drugs action will be held for pupils of children's homes of the republic. On May 18, simultaneously in all cities and regions volunteers will show children «The Truth about Drugs» documentary and also will conduct a lesson on healthy lifestyle promotion.

Disabled people from Bashkiria will make a cruise on the rivers White, Kama and Volga

15 мая

On Saturday, May 18, at 18.00 the steam-ship "Bashkortostan" will go on a seven-day cruise from the quay at the Monument of Friendship. More than 100 disabled people from cities and areas of Bashkortostan will be on its board, which will make a fascinating voyage along the river White, Kama and Volga.