06.06.2014 - Society

Volunteers of "Road to Children" Fund made one more visit to orphans

Volunteers of the Charity Fund "Road to Children" made a visit to Starobaishevsky Care Home for elderly and disabled people in Dyurtyulinsky region. 40 disabled children live here and all of them are orphans.

The "Road to Children" Charity Fund organizes groups to visit shelters, orphanages of our republic almost every week. Volunteers who are going to such trips, conduct “Lessons of Good, Love and Harmony" for children. The lessons include games, talks about good human qualities and creativity. All this helps children in social adaptation and strengthening their positive qualities, the activists of the fund believe.

Another activity of the charitable fund is creative classes with children. In the framework of "The Sun in the Sand" campaign the fund buys animated light tables for drawing on the sand and gives them to orphans from orphanages of the republic. Two light tables are now available to pupils of Starobaishevsky Care Home.

The charitable organization asks to respond those who want to help. It is possible to become a volunteer by completing a simple instruction on the official webpage of the fund in the social network; special account for purchase of light tables is specified here.