06.06.2014 - Society

208 schoolchildren did not pass Unified State Exams in geography and literature in Bashkortostan

In Bashkortostan became known results of the first Unified State Exams in geography and literature.

“1259 schoolchildren took the exam in geography. 140 of them failed to reach the minimum threshold of 37 points. The average score was 53.6 (in 2013 — 56.4, in 2012 — 56.8). Five school leavers wrote 100-point works.

932 schoolchildren wrote the test in literature. 68 people failed to get 32 points required for a positive assessment. Here, the average score is 51.7 (in 2013 — 67.7, 2012 — 59.9). Nobody received 100 points”, the chief expert of the department of general education and state attestation of the Ministry of Education RB Jeanne Minikeeva cited the results.

Recall that school leavers took Unified State Exams in these disciplines on May 26.

Yesterday four schoolchildren were withdrawn from the exam. Students from Belokataisky , Tuimazinsky regions and also from Ufa tried to take advantage of "cribs" and mobile phones.