05.06.2014 - Society

BSU professor gave lectures on nanoscale physics and nanotechnology in the leading university of Kazakhstan

The head of the Physical Electronics and Nanophysics Department of Bashkir State University (BSU) Rauf Bakhtizin was invited to L.N.Gumilev’s Eurasian National University (ENU) to give lectures on the basics of nanoscale physics and nanotechnology for students and graduate students as a leading foreign professor.

BSU professor delivered lectures and gave scientific consultations on the training program for Doctors of Philosophy, which passed with great success and attracted considerable interest among students. In the framework of the cooperation between Eurasian National University and Bashkir State University Rauf Bakhtizin will also supervise research of the graduate student — physicist Dulat Daurenbekov.

Eurasian National University is the leading university of Kazakhstan. The university annually invite renowned scholars to give lectures and consultations on the latest science sections to maintain its ranking and high-level of teaching. More than 900 experts from 40 countries visited ENU as part of the program "Attracting foreign specialists to the universities of Kazakhstan".