Regional branch of political party «None of the Above» appeared in Bashkortostan

18 апреля

The Bashkortostan Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of Russia took a decision on registration of the regional branch of the political party «None of the Above».

Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Committee RF spent a number of meetings in Bashkortostan

16 апреля

Stanislav Vavilov, the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Committee (CEC) and Sergey Vasilev, the head of Directorate on Election Procedure Organisation of the Office of CEC RF are with a working visit in Bashkortostan.

Bashkiria will be visited by the CEC vice-president RF Stanislav Vavilov

15 апреля

On Monday, April 15, the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Committee of Russia Stanislav Vavilov will be in a working visit in Bashkortostan. The working trip over the region will last till April 17, the CEC of Russia informs.

Elvira Nabiullina received 99,8 percent of votes as the nominee for the head of the Central Bank

10 апреля

The native of Bashkiria Elvira Nabiullina received 99,8 percent of votes in the State Duma. 401 deputies voted for appointment of Elvira Nabiullina to the position of the head of the Central Bank. Final voting results will be declared today, at 17 o'clock Moscow time. In case of positive decision she will be appointed to this post since June 24.

State Duma will consider the appointment of Elvira Nabiullina for the post of the Central Bank head

09 апреля

On April 9, deputies of the State Duma at the plenary session plan to consider the issue «On the draft decree of the State Duma No.251425-6 «On appointment of Elvira Nabiullina for the post of the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation». Harry Minh, the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the State Duma should present a report on this issue.

Rustem Khamitov has familiarised with manufacturing procedure at Yanaul Dairy Factory

08 апреля

The Yanaul Dairy Factory of LLC "Agroholding "Crystal" expands its production facilities. In May two new shops on productions of spreads and butter will be opened. The additional equipment for cottage cheese manufacture will be established there. On Saturday, April 6, Rustem Khamitov, the President of Bashkortostan visited the enterprise during his working trip over Yanaul city. The head of the republic was interested in production capacities of the factory and geography of products deliveries. These days the factory accepts and processes on average 25 tons of milk during a shift. In summer manufacture loading increases –30-35 tons of milk arrive during a shift. For the last year 6305 tons of raw materials were processed here, 4000 tons of the pasteurized milk, 71 tons of the vitaminized milk, over 660 tons of sour-milk products, 35 tons of butter, 214 tons of cottage cheese were made here. 40 percent of goods under the brand «Yanaul Milk» are sent to Ufa where the factory has a chain of the brand shops. The rest of the products is sent to shops of Yanaul, Buraevo, Kaltasy, Blagoveshchensk, Birsk, Neftekamsk.

Sergey Shakhray suggested developing a draft law on supervising the housing and public utilities sphere

05 апреля

The head of the Office of the Accounts Chamber RF Sergey Shakhray suggested members of Bashkortostan parliament acting as initiators of the draft law on the system of public and state control over housing and public utilities sphere.

Teachers’ wages will reach the level of average republican values in Bashkiria in 2013

05 апреля

The average wages of teachers of educational institutions of Bashkortostan will be provided at the level of average wages over the republic in 2013. Average earnings of employees of preschool educational institutions will be not below average wages in the sphere of general education of the region. The press-service of the Ministry of Finance RB informs about it referring to the Governmental order RB “On measures to increase payment to public sector workers of Bashkortostan Republic”.

Bashkortostan delegation will take part in the International Cooperation Conference between Russia and Tadzhikistan

04 апреля

On April 4, II International Conference on Inter-regional Cooperation between Russia and Tadzhikistan is opened in Dushanbe. Bashkortostan will be presented at the forum by the Deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB Salavat Sagitov and by the director of the noncommercial organization «Office-group to support the SCO and BRICS events carrying out in the city of Ufa in 2015» Ruslan Mirsayapov. Prospects of development of inter-regional cooperation between Russia and Tadzhikistan at the new stage of economic and integration processes in the Euroasian environment will be considered there. Simultaneously with work of round-table conferences presentations of economic and social projects will be held, and also participants will be able to visit exhibition stands of organisations and enterprises, regional business structures. Within the limits of the conference signing of bilateral documents is planned.

Payments for adoption of disabled children will be increased to 500 thousand rbl. in Bashkiria

04 апреля

The Government of Bashkortostan submitted for consideration of the deputies of the State Assembly — Kurultay RB a draft law assuming increase of the lump sum to 500 thousand rbl. for citizens adopted a disabled child. The corresponding initiative was considered at the session of the Committee of republican parliament on Social Policy and Public Health Services.