TURKSOY delegation intends to visit Ufa

11 февраля

The delegation of the International Turk Culture Organization (TURKSOY) will pay a visit to Ufa on February 15-16. The official visit is scheduled within the frames of official celebration of Achmet-Zaki Validi Days in Republic of Bashkortostan. The delegation’ staff consists of TURKSOY General Secretary Dusen Kaseinov, the deputy General Secretary Fyrat Purtash, the deputy Minister of culture and tourism of Turkey Kemal Fakhir Gench, the Mayor of Ankara Kechioren district Mustafa Ac, representatives of Turkish business community and culture. Within the visit’s frames the guests will visit the Bashkir State Agrarian University, the kindergarten N84 in Ufa. The ceremony of signing the intention protocol between the administration of Ufa’s Sovetsky district and the administration of Ankara’s Kechioren district will become one of the main events of the visit. The protocol presumes realization of the joint projects, aimed at development of mutually beneficial cooperation in sphere of economics, agriculture, education, tourism, science and technique and social problems.

Grants of Republic of Bashkortostan presented to young scientistsPromising young scientists were honored in the Government House RB on Tuesday, February 8.The best achievements in sphere of science and innovations were rewarded with the Republican grants,

09 февраля

Promising young scientists were honored in the Government House RB on Tuesday, February 8.The best achievements in sphere of science and innovations were rewarded with the Republican grants, established in 2006, for the fifth time. 53 scientists are rewarded with the grants this year, including 11 youth scientific teams. The average amount of the reward for the scientific designs made up 60 thousand rubles. The deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB, the acting Minister of education RB Zugura Rakhmatullina presented the diplomas to the winners. She congratulated the young scientists with their professional holiday – the Day of Russian Science and with their achievements in scientific investigations. “Today we are celebrating the remarkable date – the Day of Russian Science, so we have the double celebrity today since you receive the diplomas of the scientific contest” – she said – “Our Republic has its own system for support of talented youth and state youth awards in sphere of literature, arts and architecture, the state awards in sphere of science and technique, the grants of the President RB to doctors of sciences, post-graduates and students are presented in Bashkiria every year”. The deputy Prime-Minister has mentioned the top management of the region specially stakes on our youth today because the youth is considered a natural innovational class.

President of Bashkiria intends to crush everything what hampers development of economics

08 февраля

The President of Bashkiria Rustem Khamitov intends to destroy everything what hampers the development of Republican economics and the matter is first of all the activity of the functionaries, preventing development of building, agriculture, trade and industrial production. “If we fail to crush these traditions, the economic progress will face zero success” – Rustem Khamitov wrote in his blog on Monday. In opinion of Rustem Khamitov new buildings and settlements are erected often not thanks but notwithstanding the activity of the local authorities and at that it happens so that people face numerous obstacles in obtaining the lands and the necessary engineering networks – gas, water and electric energy – are simply absent. If the functionaries in towns and regions RB didn’t hamper the progress but helped the population, our people would move mountains in his opinion. The President of Bashkiria publicly reminded again that the Chairman of the Russian Government Vladimir Putin had urged all deputies and functionaries to remove the barriers, standing on the way of mass house-building, thus giving the corresponding instructions to the regional officials to start helping ordinary people at the last week’s meeting, devoted to housing problems. “But it is clear that in sphere of bureaucratization and creation of the pseudo land markets we went too far” – Rustem Khamitov said – “And it will be a hard job to break this system”.

Rustem Khamitov congratulates scientists with jubilee of the Academy of Sciences RB

07 февраля

Bashkir scientists celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences RB on February 6 and on this occasion the President of Bashkiria Rustem Khamitov congratulated all scientists of the Republic with this remarkable jubilee. This institution plays an important role in coordination of scientific researches in the Republic, said in the Presidential congratulation. In the 90s the Academy united the manpower resources of all Republican scientific institutes for execution of the state scientific-technical programs. New promising directions with attraction of young scientists are developed under the aegis of the Academy nowadays. The Academy takes an active part in expert examination of the important state programs and projects, performs various investigations by the orders of local enterprises and issues scientific encyclopedic editions. Rustem Khamitov expressed assurance that the Academy of Sciences RB will further take an active part in elaboration of fundamental and applied scientific programs, making worthy contribution to consolidations of the positions RB as one of the economic, scientific-educational and cultural centers of the country.

Rustem Khamitov has taken part in the gathering re development of house-building

04 февраля

On February 3 the President RB Rustem Khamitov has taken part in the meeting re development of house-building, held by the Chairman of the Government RF Vladimir Putin in Kirov. The regional programs on development of house-building were under discussion in the course of the gathering. The Chairman of the Government RB has underscored the rise of house-building construction volumes one and half times by 2015 – up to 90 million square meters all over the country – remains the main aim. At that the level of availability of this housing for citizens should be the main index of the efficiency of the federal goal-oriented program “Housing”, as Vladimir Putin said. The Chairman of the Government RF has stated the Government of Russian Federation is ready to stimulate the regions, which develop their own housing programs in the most successful way, with the help of various financial mechanisms and 21 billion rubles are appropriated in the federal budget for this.

Students from Bashkortostan, staying in Cairo, contacted with news agency “Bashinform”

02 февраля

The students from Bashkortostan group in one place and may go out in the streets but they don’t leave the hostel because of the ongoing riots, as the second-year student of Cairo State University Daniar Khujakhmetov reported to the news agency “Bashinform”. “There are 15 students here and we live in one five-room flat” – he tells – “The girls live in the same building upstairs in another flat. Now we have enough food and may go out but the food stores are empty. The curfew goes on from three o’clock till eight o’clock in the morning and it’s better to stay inside during this time”. As the student tells, the Egyptian armed forces entered the city. The soldiers may shoot without warning anybody they suspect of marauding. The situation is becoming worse and new riots are expected. All students want to leave Egypt for home. The district the students live in is rather serene, though the tanks patrol the streets. All riots mainly occur in the very center. “Internet doesn’t work all over the country during more than one week. Mobile communication was switched off too but started working just several hours ago. The Qatar TV-channel “Al-Jazeera”, broadcasting all over the world, showed the riots as they were in reality. But this channel was closed in Egypt for some time. Local channels show the events under another angle, saying the President of Egypt is busy with forming a new government, and that the situation is becoming better”.

2011 is announced the Year of international agreement in Bashkiria

02 февраля

2011 is announced the Year of international harmony in Bashkiria and the President RB Rustem Khamitov already signed the corresponding decree. He reported about it on Tuesday during the meeting with the directors of Bashkiria’s national centers. “This is a remarkable decision for all of us” – Rustem Khamitov said – “because of various reasons the problems of international and inter-religious relations become of paramount importance for everybody. We have to start working hard in order to make the relations between different nations more harmonious, removing the roughnesses we are facing today. We have to undertake all steps that the problems of national conflicts wouldn’t arise here under any circumstances”. “The international problems don’t arise by themselves, they always accompany other important realities of our time and it means the consolidation of international relations has to be directly concerned with the economic strengthening of the region, development of culture and improvement of social environment” – Rustem Khamitov said.

Insurance market to be developed in Bashkiria

01 февраля

On Tuesday, February 1, the President of Bashkiria Rustem Khamitov held a protocol meeting with the General Director of JSC “Insurance Company ROSNO” M-r Chopra. In opinion of the President RB it is necessary to begin developing the insurance market in the region. M-r Chopra said Bashkortostan was considered a rather promising Russian region for development of this branch. “I see great opportunities for development of all insurance segments in the Republic” – he said – “I’m happy this direction meets the approval of the Republican leadership. We offer several kinds of insurance, including medical and fire insurance. All abovementioned is aimed at the perfection of vital activity of our citizens. We also ready to offer the Islamic insurance and it is different from the standard insurance since it meets the Islamic canons”. “We were discussing various directions in insurance with the President of Bashkiria, which we’d like to start developing in your Republic” – the General Director of “ROSNO” said – “and these prospects allow making favorable conditions for economic and social life of the region”. The insurance company “ROSNO” is established in 1991 and considered one of the biggest Russian universal insurance companies. More than 130 kinds of free-will and obligatory insurance are offered to its clients. The regional “ROSNO” network consists of 88 divisions, united on the territorial basis into 8 directorates and 383 agencies all over Russia.

February 25 is the Day of State Flag RB

01 января

February 25 is the Day of State Flag RB and it is marked since 2002. The adoption of the declaration about state sovereignty RB in 1990 anticipated the necessity in its new official attributes – the state flag, the emblem and the hymn. 19 years ago on February 25, 1992, the Supreme Soviet of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Republic has passed the law concerning renaming of the Republic. According to the law the Republic was renamed into Republic of Bashkortostan. The Supreme Soviet has also approved the new flag, becoming one of the official symbols of its sovereignty. The state emblem and the state hymn RB have been approved later, on October 12, 1993. The present state flag RB has its own history. First, the designers of the project turned back to the past – to the flag, which, as it turned out, appeared still at the beginning of the XIX century. The information about that flag is rather poor: on the background of the two-headed eagle and the hexagonal stars, scattered all over the cloth there were the phrases, taken from Koran. Since Bashkiria was included into the staff of Orenburg province that time, that flag wasn’t a state one. It was rather a symbol of the definite social group – the Bashkir Cossacks. It was also offered to take the flag, which was approved by the first Bashkir Government on August 21, 1918. The description of that flag is available. It represented the cloth, consisting of three equal horizontal stripes: the upper stripe was blue, the middle – green and the lower – white. The blue color meant the belonging of Bashkir to the Turk group, the green was interpreted as the adherence of Bashkirs to Islam and the white color symbolized the striving of Bashkir nation for peace, prosperity and happiness. New variants of the flag were also offered to the contest’s jury. One of the variants contained the semi-crescent – the symbol, common for all Muslim countries, which appeared still in the times of the Osman Empire. Another variant represented the image of the stylized ancient Indian swastika, interpreted as the sign of light and generosity. These variants were rejected by the jury because the state symbol should have the attributes, uniting all nations, living in the state, into one unity and the variant with the semi-crescent pointed to the belonging to the definite religion and was rather a religious sign, not talking about the swastika, which in spite of its original quite peaceful meaning, aroused absolutely definite historical associations in Russia.