Zugura Rakhmatullina: «Bashkortostan has wide experience in presentation of its culture in regions and abroad»

28 октября

Zugura Rakhmatullina, the deputy from Bashkortostan, the Vice-Chairman of Committee of the State Duma for Culture took part in the Organizing committee meeting devoted to preparation and carrying out of Days of Turkish Culture «Rhythms of Turkey» in Moscow in May, 2014. It has taken place in Istanbul.

Rustem Khamitov has taken part in the United Russia Congress

07 октября

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has taken part in the 14th Congress of United Russia. Opening the plenary session of the Congress the party leader, RF Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has informed that 697 delegates were registered there. Total more than 1700 delegates and visitors, including over 100 deputies of the party fraction in the State Duma participated in the Congress of United Russia. Present inner-party rotation is the most scale, opened and the most democratic for the party, Dmitry Medvedev has declared. At the Congress in May, 2012 the United Russia Charter was amended, therefore heads of the party divisions of all levels were elected by ballot for five years.

Rustem Khamitov has met with the Ambassador of Russia in France Alexander Orlov

02 октября

On October 1, the meeting of the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov with the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in France Alexander Orlov took place in Paris. The delegation of Bashkortostan has arrived in Paris for carrying out the republic’s presentation «Bashkortostan — Pearl of Russia» at UNESCO headquarters. The Ambassador of Russia in France noted quite active connections established between Bashkortostan and France with a regular exchange of delegations.

Rustem Khamitov has taken part in a meeting concerning education system readiness for the next academic year

28 августа

On August 26, the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov took part in the videoconference concerning the education system readiness for the academic year of 2013-2014, held by the Chairman of the Government of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. As the press-service of the head of the republic informs, at the meeting it was marked that 13,5 million children would go to Russian schools on September 2, including 1,5 million first-graders. Dmitry Medvedev underlined that the government and educational institutions should make their studies «interesting, comfortable and, of course, safe». According to Dmitry Medvedev, this year about 40 billion rbl. are allocated for financing of regional education systems, and since 2011 120 billion rbl. have been already directed on these purposes.

Nine thousand employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will provide elections safety in Bashkiria

28 августа

About nine thousand employees of law-enforcement bodies will be involved in safety ensuring at elections to the State Assembly — Kurultay RB of the fifth convocation. The deputy chief of police on public order protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RB Alexander Popov told about it at the meeting with representatives of regional branches of political parties and legal experts at the Central Election Commission RB.

Rustem Khamitov has met with the chief of the Federal Security Service Directorate on Saratov and Samara Regions

23 августа

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has held a working meeting with the chief of the Border Directorate of Federal Security Service RF on Samara and Saratov Regions Sergey Mityushin, appointed to this post on July 11, 2013. As major general Mityushin informed, during the meeting construction issues of a terminal and a border checkpoint at Ufa International Airport were discussed there. “We got acquainted and communicated with the President of the republic. During our conversation we mentioned those problems which we should solve in common. First of all, it is reconstruction of the airport which has been already started and should be finished by 2015 to the corresponding events (the SCO and BRICS Summits).

Government of the Russian Federation will consider offers on support of regions in providing children-orphans with habitation

23 августа

Issues of provision of children-orphans and children without parental care with habitation, became the main topics at an audience with the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Ivanov. He examined problems of citizens during a video conference.

Rustem Khamitov has met with the Invest AD Company CEO Nazem Fawwaz Al-Kudsi

22 августа

On August 21, the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has held a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of Invest AD Company Nazem Fawwaz Al-Kudsi from the United Arab Emirates. Prospects of investment projects implementation in various spheres were discussed there, the presidential press-service informs. “We are aware of activity of the fund, which you head. Certainly, we would like to collaborate with you regarding attraction of resources,” Rustem Khamitov noted. “We are interested both in direct investments, and in creation of various funds. I know that your fund supports strategic partnership with the Savings Bank of Russia. We also have good relations with the Savings Bank. In this regard cooperation options are possible too. We could offer some projects for our joint work,” the President RB said. “I am very glad that today we are in such remarkable republic. We are very happy to visit Russia. Many our colleagues and acquaintances recommended exactly your republic for visiting. We consider various directions for joint business,” Mr. Al-Kudsi underlined. In the interview to the journalists he also marked that cooperation possibilities in several sectors had been discussed, namely «public health services and tourism».

Rustem Khamitov inspected construction progress at objects prepared to the SCO and BRICS Summits

15 августа

The president of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has examined a construction and reconstruction progress of objects prepared to the SCO and BRICS Summits in Ufa. Rustem Khamitov has visited construction sites of hotels near Gostiny Dvor ("Holiday Inn" hotel) and the Congress Hall ("Hilton"), and also being reconstructed "Neftynik" recreation centre and the Congress Hall. Works at all objects are conducted ahead of schedule. For example, the main civil works in hotel at the Congress Hall were planned to be finished in March, 2014. However, according to builders, the works will be completed already in January. Also Rustem Khamitov during his working trip has visited "Ufa" river port. Here he has examined a quay and an outdoor exposition of anchors. He discussed issues of the territory development with the river port management. The port does not function in full force — the last passenger on the route «Ufa — Moscow» departed on July 20. Now steamships go in this direction from Dyurtyuly town.

Pre-election canvassing in mass-media has begun in Bashkiria

12 августа

A pre-election campaign of candidates to the State Assembly — Kurultay RB of the fifth convocation has begun in mass media, the republican Central Election Commission informs. Free broadcasting time for canvassing is granted by two TV channels — "Bashkir satellite TV" (BST) and "Russia" (Russia-1), two radio channels — "Yuldash" and "Radio of Russia" in the territory of Bashkortostan Republic. Free printing area is granted in republican printed periodicals "Bashkortostan", "Bashkortostan Republic", "Kyzyl tan", "Yeshlek", "Molodezhnaya gazeta", "Omet", "Istoki", "Ural sassi", "Cholman", "Oshmes". In total the republican Central Election Commission received notifications on participation in pre-election canvassing from 25 organisations of TV-radio broadcasting, 127 editions of periodicals publishing 146 newspapers in six languages of peoples of Bashkortostan. For the first time four Internet editions, including two network ones will take part in the campaign.