Rustem Khamitov has taken part in conference call of Russian Government re state e-services

21 января

On January 18 the Chairman of the Government RF Dmitry Medvedev has held a video conference call concerning organization of step-by-step implementation of state and municipal services in accordance with the “one window” principle and concerning interdepartmental electronic interaction. The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has also taken part in it, public affairs service of the President RB reported. Opening the meeting Dmitry Medvedev has mentioned that the system of state services should be launched in every region. “The main load on development of the network of multifunctional service centers is laid on the regions: every region has to form its own system of control of such complicated project. All expenses have to be planned in the course of the budget corrections – both regional and municipal. I’d like to underscore that the governors will be personally responsible for development of this project, really important for the absolute majority of our citizens, because all of us have to do with state structures in any case” – Dmitry Medvedev said.

Residents of Utchaly will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the town

21 января

2013 will pass under the sign of the 50th anniversary of the town of Utchaly for its residents. The official jubilee actions will start on February 1 and the main events, connected with this date, will begin on August 17-24, 2013, the town administration reports to “Bashinform”.

Rustem Khamitov demands to dismiss the head of Sterlitamac health protection agency

18 января

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov demanded to dismiss the head of health protection agency and the chief doctor of the hospital N1 in the town of Sterlitamac. As the news agency “Bashinform” reported earlier, two fatalities have occurred at local medical institutions because of criminal negligence of medics and failure to render medical assistance in time. Thus, a man with the diagnosis “duodenal ulcer with bleeding” was delivered for the local hospital N1 in August 2012. At the hospital the patient started to suffer the recurring bleeding but medical operation turned out to be too late. On September 5 the man has died. Criminal proceedings were instituted on this case.

Private kindergartens in Ufa can figure on state support

17 января

All new buildings, which are planned to be erected in Ufa in the nearest future, will be designed with special apartments for children groups on the first floors, the head of Ufa administration Irek Yalalov reported today at the meeting with participation of institutors of private kindergartens. Besides, businessmen may figure on certain preferences during payments for leasing of such apartments.

President of Bashkortostan appointed new deputy head of tourist agency

17 января

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov appointed Sergey Klimenko the deputy head of the tourist agency RB. Sergey Klimenko was born in 1981 in Ufa. He has finished Ufa State Aviation Technical University and has the specialty of marketing specialist. He started labor activity in 2002 as a reporter of the municipal company “Producer Center “Ufa”.

Rustem Khamitov holds the 35th position in the rating of media openness among heads of Russian regions by totals-2012

15 января

“The National Monitoring Service” published media rating among heads of Russian regions on the base of the media openness coefficient by totals-2012. The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov holds the 35th position in it and only four governors in Volga federal district have better positions: Sergey Morozov (Ulyanovsk region – the 8th position), Basil Bochkarev (Penza region – the 17th place), Valerie Shantsev (Nizhniy Novgorod region – the 28th place) and Alexander Volkov (Udmurtia, the 29th place). Other heads of Russian regions in Volga federal district and governors of nearby regions are left far behind Rustem Khamitov. In particular, Leonid Markelov (Mari Al) stands on the 82nd position – the pre-last one, Vladimir Volkov (Mordvinia) – on the 81st, Valerie Radaev (Saratov region) – on the 77th, Aman Tuleev (Kemerovo region) – on the 76th, Eugene Kuvaishev (Sverdlovsk region) – on the 72nd, Uri Berg (Orenburg region) – on the 61st, Viktor Basargin (Perm region) – on the 53rd, Rustam Minnikhanov (Tatarstan) – on the 49th, Michael Urevich (Chelyabinsk region) – on the 47th, Michael Ignatiev (Chuvashia) – on the 40th and Nikolai Merkushkin (Samara region) – on the 39th. The Top 3 of the most media opened Russian governors includes Michael Men (Ivanovo region), Oleg Kuvshinnikov (Vologda region) and Nikolai Dudov (Magadan region). Along with the abovementioned ones governor of Astrakhan region Alexander Zilkin (South federal district – the 4th place in the rating), the head of Ingushetia Unus-Beck Evkurov (North-Caucasian federal district, the 5th place), governor of Khanty-Mansi autonomous district Natalie Komarova (Ural federal district, the 6th place), the head of Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov (Volga federal district, the 8th place) and governor of Novosibirsk governor Basil Urchenko (Siberian federal district, the 19th place) have also become the leaders in their federal districts. The average level of media openness among heads of Russian regions in 2012 was equal to 0,4015 points. Best average showing of media openness was demonstrated by governors of Ural federal district (the average level is 0,4288) and the worst – by heads of Siberian federal district (0,3849).

Rustem Khamitov has visited private kindergarten in Ufa

11 января

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has paid a visit to one of private kindergartens In Ufa on Thursday, January 10, in order to become acquainted with work of this private pre-school institution. The head of Ufa administration Irek Yalalov, accompanying the President, reported to him that there were 54 such private kindergartens in Ufa. Nine kindergartens are licensed as full-fledged pre-school education institutions, found under municipal public contract, i.e. local municipality pays 3 thousand 800 rubles for temporary residence of every kid or 11,5 thousand for full day stay. It is important because monthly payments in private kindergartens reach 10-15 thousand rubles monthly. But the businessmen, deciding to start working in this sphere of business, have to pass plenty of bureaucratic obstacles. The President RB has mentioned that it is vitally important to develop the system of private kindergartens.

Bashkir parliamentarians introduced seven amendments to the law “Education in Russian Federation”

10 января

Seven amendments, introduced by State Council-Kurultay-RB, were approved during passing the federal law “Education in Russian Federation”. In a whole Bashkir parliamentarians introduced 17 amendments to the federal draft law.

Bashkir parliamentarians determined aims for the forthcoming spring session

09 января

A meeting on law-making activity during the next spring session has taken place in the State Council-Kurultay-RB. “The spring session of Republican parliament-2013 starts working today and activity of the Presidium, permanent committees and State Council Secretariat will be resumed today in full volume” – the speaker of the Republican parliament Constantine Tolkachev mentioned – “2012 was the year of active perfection of Republican legislation, the Year for happy childhood and family values in Republic of Bashkortostan and the Year of Russian history”.

The President of Bashkortostan has signed the law on support of real estate developers helping deceived share owners

27 декабря

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has signed the Law RB «On amendments to the Law «On regulation of land relations in Bashkortostan Republic». The law is aimed at decision of problems of deceived share owners of housing construction. In particular, the amendment establishes the granting procedure of land plots to the developers who undertake the obligations on "problem" houses after completion of their construction.