Rustem Khamitov attended a meeting of the State Council Presidium

24 февраля

On February 17 in Cherepovets (Vologda region) the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov attended a meeting of the State Council on the state policy in the field of family, motherhood and childhood chaired by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the meeting, the execution of relevant provisions of May Presidential Decrees was discussed.

Rustem Khamitov took part in RBC live broadcast

20 февраля

On February 18, the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov in a live broadcast of RBC TV answered the questions of the program host "Davydov. Index" Leonid Davydov. The head of the republic told about the last State Council Presidium held in Cherepovets, which was devoted to issues of motherhood and childhood. Tourism issues were discussed in detail during the interview in the RBC studio, its development in Bashkortostan. Rustem Khamitov, in particular, spoke about the importance of the Bashkir honey brand for our republic. Speaking about the development of domestic tourism in the republic, Khamitov noted that "we have something to show people, there are interesting things in our republic. At the same time, we understand that tourism — is quite a complex industry, which is impossible to promote very quickly, and we have to work for years over it. And we're moving forward. The International Summits will help us; we will welcome large delegations, famous people. They will see and understand that Bashkortostan, Ufa is beautiful area, where you can come and work".

Rustem Khamitov: "Yamal-Volga project - is a topic for further decades"

22 января

Will Bashkortostan become a new Singapore? Just half a century ago Singapore was a backward colonial appendage, the "Third World country". Today it is a country with a developed market economy, which is characterized by a favourable environment for business and loyal tax policy. A substantial part of this success was achieved by attracting foreign investments, and a considerable part of them is directed to the development of the largest petrochemical cluster on Jurong Island — today it is the largest centre, second only to Houston and Rotterdam. In Russia, the role of Singapore is claimed by just two national republics — Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, forming on their territories an extensive oil and gas chemical cluster. The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov believes that steady governmental management plus petrochemical development can become a basis of boosted economical growth. The President of Bashkortostan shared his vision of petrochemical state capitalism in an interview to Neftechimiya RF magazine.

Bashkiria CEC held an exchange of views on the election campaigns

27 декабря

The Central Election Commission of Bashkortostan Republic held a meeting on summarizing the results of work in 2013. Chairmen of territorial election commissions working on a permanent basis, data centre professionals were invited for participation in it. The head of the Central Election Commission Haidar Valeev analyzed activities of election organizers during the preparation and conducting election campaigns. He focused on several shortcomings and set goals for the future.

Bashkortostan Government discussed the implementation of the Presidential Decree on state social policy

25 декабря

In the Government of the Republic a meeting was held on the implementation of Presidential Decrees from May, the results and tasks of public sector institutions for 2014. The Deputy Prime Minister of Bashkortostan Government Liliya Gumerova noted that the year was quite intense and the social and public sector worked in full force. Speaking on the implementation of Presidential Decrees from May, she noted that "wages increase is not an end in itself. Our task is effective work of the social sector". One of the May decrees – No. 597 «On implementation of state social policy» aims at increasing salaries of certain categories of public sector employees — teachers of general, pre-school, extended education, social sphere. This decree covered 170,000 people in Bashkortostan. As Liliya Gumerova marked, the wages grow unevenly across Bashkortostan. Thus, in the first nine months at an average salary of republican teachers of general education in the amount of 22 697 rubles, this category of workers receives an average of 39 961 rubles in Mezhgore, 22 870 rubles in the city of Octyabsrky, 28 873 rubles — in Ufa region. The same situation is in pre-school and extended education. Among the laggards are Zilairsky (18,398 rubles), Kugarchinsky (19 928), Uchalinsky (19 368) and Fedorovsky (19 925) regions.

Rustem Khamitov took part in the meeting of the Volga Federal District council on interethnic and interfaith relations

20 декабря

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov attended a meeting of the Council under the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian President in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich, which took place in Ulyanovsk. The meeting was focused on the implementation of regional programs for the harmonization of interethnic and interfaith relations in the regions of the Volga Federal District. Mikhail Babich noted that the problem of interfaith and interethnic relations was more relevant for Volga regions than for other regions of the country. This is due to the fact that the district is characterized by a multinational and multi-religious structure of the population,

Rustem Khamitov: "We can start e-learning system only with joint efforts

09 декабря

The first meeting of the Presidential Council of Bashkortostan devoted to development of e-learning was held in Ufa. "Globally e-learning is developing very quickly and successfully. But we stuck in organizational issues, issues of interaction. If further progress goes at such a pace it will result in complicated processes developing, including in education. The complicated processes in terms of loss of priorities, students, the most intelligent professionals", said in particular Rustem Khamitov. He noted that nowadays the leaders of e-learning are the United States of America, and South Korea in some areas. "These universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford and Harvard have actually made a revolution in e-learning, uploading free courses and an enormous amount of materials, forming the entire infrastructure of e-learning. These universities do not teach tens and hundreds but millions of students. Ideologically major U.S. universities actually have already been working in another dimension. There are private entities — "Udacity", "Coursera". Number of students at these websites increases", said the President RB.

Rustem Khamitov is against nuclear waste disposal in Bashkortostan

13 ноября

In connection with the rumors spread that Rosatom plans to place nuclear waste disposal at Lemezy village of Iglinskiy region of Bashkortostan, the press secretary of the head of the republic Artem Valiev declares that the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov is against the deployment of nuclear waste disposal in the republic. "Nobody addressed to the leadership of Bashkortostan with a proposal to host a nuclear waste disposal. The President's position on the matter is principled: he is against it. Now we will investigate who was the source of this initiative", the press secretary of the President of Bashkortostan said. Information on the relevant purchase was placed on the website of Rosatom on July 22 this year. Federal State Unitary Enterprise "National operator of nuclear waste" is an organizer of the purchase, according to published reports. In addition to Bashkortostan there are another eight subjects of the Russian Federation (the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Tomsk, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Samara, Saratov, Arkhangelsk Regions and the Republic of Kalmykia). Currently, all nine items are inactive, as their status is marked as canceled. However, rumors have spread among users of social networks about the resumption of the lot on locating a burial for nuclear waste from Europe in Iglinskiy region.

Rustem Khamitov discussed health care modernization with the Government RB

07 ноября

Rustem Khamitov held a meeting of the Government of Bashkortostan during which the results of the health care system modernization were discussed. The President recalled that during three years about 16.5 billion rubles were directed from the federal budget to Bashkir health care system. Of these, more than 4.5 billion rubles were directed to strengthen the material base, 10.5 billion — to introduce uniform standards of medical service and salary increase, 600 million — to computerize medical institutions. This amount does not include the costs for construction of new hospitals and renovation of the old ones. “Only in 2013 a diagnostic building of Republican Children Clinical Hospital was renovated, polyclinic at the hospital No. 13 was put into operation, primary vascular centres appeared in Ufa, Beloretsk, Sterlitamak and other cities. We finish a construction of the maternity hospital in the city of Octyabrsky. Hopefully, we will put into operation a building of Mesyagutovskoy District Hospital in November, December. The obstetric-gynecologic complex was opened at the Republican Clinical Hospital. Practically each of these objects costs one billion rubles. We reached quite a decent level of health facilities put into operation, and we must not only maintain this rate but also increase”, Rustem Khamitov said.

Rustem Khamitov instructed to begin work on Presidential Address to the Parliament

07 ноября

Rustem Khamitov signed a decree on formation of a working group over the draft Presidential Address to the State Assembly of Bashkortostan — Kurultay in 2014.