05.05.2014 - Politics

Bashkortostan President visited Karmaskalinsky region

On May 4th, the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov during his working trip visited the Karmaskalinsky region of the republic, where he examined work of several farms and inspected the progress of sowing, the press service of the head of the republic informs.

In Lyakhovo village Bashkortostan President inspected the new livestock complex of the group of companies "Artemida", built as part of the "500 farms" program last winter. Today the dairy farm reached a production capacity of 15 tons of milk per day. Here 1000 heads of dairy cattle are kept. Within two years it is planned to bring these figures to 1200 heads of cattle and 20 tons of milk respectively.

At one of the fields of "Artemida" (total area of arable land — 16.5 hectares) Khamitov inspected the machinery used for planting and tillage. Due to weather conditions, the sowing schedule delay is about one week here.

On the contrary, sowing works on the fields of "Nadezhda" agricultural enterprise, further examined by Khamitov, are going ahead of schedule. At the same time the head of the republic visited social objects in Kostiantynovka village, where the enterprise is located.

Then Rustem Khamitov acquainted with work of the new greenhouse facility "Bashovoschsnab" LLC. From February to May, 145 tons of cucumbers were harvested here. Products are delivered to the shops of Ufa and the surrounding area under the trademark "Karmaskaly Cucumbers". The biggest problem in the greenhouse development is absence of artificial illumination, which needs 18 million rubles of capital investments. Bashkortostan President instructed the Agriculture Minister Nikolay Kovalenko to study the issue on assisting the farmer.

In Shaimuratovo village Khamitov acquainted with activities of the farm under the same name. The main activity of "Shaimuratovo" LLC is crop production, combined with animal husbandry. The company specializes in production of raw milk and thoroughbred cattle breeding. Additional sources of income are sale of meat, grain and industrial crops (sugar beet and sunflower). The company farms more than 6000 hectares of arable land. The total number of cattle is 880 heads.

In the office of "Shaimuratovo" LLC Rustem Khamitov held an unscheduled meeting on Karlamansky Sugar Factory issues. Last year it was closed and stopped taking raw materials from farmers. The main shareholder of the company is "Rosselkhozbank ". The President proposed farmers to organize a joint cooperative, which would be able to buy out the sugar plant, modernize it and run at full capacity.