25.03.2014 - Politics

Rustem Khamitov outlined the main goals in the work of Bashkortostan Government

Major landmarks in the work of Bashkortostan Government are to increase incomes, to ensure the necessary level of health care, education, culture, housing affordability, urban and rural development, environmental preservation and demographic indicators. This was stated by the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov while presenting report on the activities of the republican Government in 2013 to the State Assembly — Kurultay RB on Tuesday.

“Bashkortostan today is one of the few regions in the country, where the birth rate exceeds the death rate. Total number of such subjects in the country is 22. Last year, 59400 children were born in the republic. Natural increase was about six thousand people” said Khamitov addressing to the deputies.

The President noted that governmental measures taken on the preschool education development had a positive impact on the birth rate increasing.

The head of the republic told about the results of the corresponding regional program completed last year. According to it, since 2008, it was planned to commission about 26,000 places in kindergartens. Actually it was put into operation 45,000 places, of which 40,000 — for the last three years. Just last year, in Bashkortostan 15,000 places were created, including approximately seven thousand — through the introduction of alternative forms of preschool education. As a result, over the past three years a waiting list to kindergartens decreased by almost two and a half times.

Bashkortostan President noted that this year the republic planned to introduce another about 11,000 kindergarten places.

Khamitov stressed that our health care system played a key role in increasing life expectancy. Considerable funds were invested in the development of this branch in the republic.

“Health care costs in the last year increased by 38 percent compared to 2012 and exceeded 45 billion rubles. We received an additional one billion rubles from the federal budget for the program of health care modernization. Total 16.6 billion rubles were allocated for this program.”

The head of the region said that more than five thousand units of medical equipment were acquired; nine inter-municipal health centres started working under the program.

Last year the republic joined the federal program for perinatal centres development. 1.5 billion rubles were allocated from the federal budget for the construction of such a centre in Ufa; another 700 million rubles will be directed from the republican budget. In 2016, Bashkortostan will get a modern perinatal centre.

Rustem Khamitov marked a significant positive trend in increasing salaries to medical workers.

Thus, in 2013 the average salary in the branch increased by 20 percent, among doctors — by 12 percent and amounted to 38,118 rubles, among nursing personnel – by 18 percent, among paramedical personnel – by more than 30 percent.

Parliamentarians were presented data on the "Zemsky doctor" program implementation. Total 885 young medical professionals came to live and work in rural areas within this program since 2012.

Galiya Nabieva.