06.03.2014 - Politics

Management companies may need licensing

The draft law on licensing of management companies is under consideration in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The Chairman of the State Committee on Housing Supervision RB Ildar Zamaletdinov took part in the document discussion.

It is assumed that since September 1, 2014 public housing authorities of the Russian Federation shall issue licenses to management companies. Prohibition on management of apartment buildings without a license will come into force on 1 May 2015 (after completion of the heating season).

The draft law provides for the training of managers and management companies and their certification.

Pavel Kachkaev, the deputy chairman of the Duma committee on housing policy and utilities sector also told the attendees about the cooperation with the Ufa branch of the Financial University under the Government RF on training and certification of managers of management companies.

Ildar Zamaletdinov offered to revoke licenses from management companies that do not meet the rules of services rendering, and expand the powers of housing supervision bodies regarding licensing.

Ildar Zamaletdinov also drew attention to the fact that the draft law was aimed at improving the management of apartment buildings market and as a consequence — at providing safe, comfortable living conditions to our citizens.

Rozaliya Valeeva.