25.02.2014 - Politics

Rustem Khamitov gave an interview to the "Expert" magazine

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov gave an interview to the "Expert-Ural" magazine where he told about republican growth points in 2014. The head of the region mentioned in particular that the task to increase the gross regional product to 1.5 trillion rubles by 2016 was quite real, and it would be achieved primarily through internal reserves, due to modernization of existing industrial complex.

According to Khamitov "development capacities are available in all sectors — engineering, light industry, electronics. But none of them have such growth potential as both the petrochemical and chemical industry. Moreover, I am a strong supporter of that chemical production may be one of the boosters of the country as a whole. We have a lot of raw materials, domestic consumption is enormous, but high-tech products of chemical companies practically are not supplied to domestic markets. The main production is concentrated on industrial, big chemistry — plastics, fertilizers — and all of them are exported. We need deliberate state policy in this direction. We need cluster development: the chemical complex was formed during the Soviet period as an integral system. Now it is technologically divided, split between private corporations. It is necessary to restore a united technological and raw materials base, to enhance intra-branch cooperation, even if companies thus belong to different owners".

In addition to small-scale petrochemical industry, such sectors as electronics, production of energy efficient equipment, infrastructure, IT, services and tourism can be new benchmarks for the republican economic development. But in this case the innovation infrastructure should start working — industrial parks, business incubators, centres of cluster development and technologies transfer. Support from the federal centre is necessary in solving these issues.

Rustem Khamitov named agriculture as another point of growth. Now 18 major projects with total investment of more than 70 billion rubles are being implemented in agricultural sector. Two of them — for 12 and 6 billion rubles — are aimed at dairy industry development. There are several mega-projects for production of pork and turkey. Programs to support farmers-beginners operate. They receive grants of up to 10 million rubles as a start-up capital. But creation of an effective system of procurement and primary processing of products through consumer cooperatives will be the best support for them, the head of the republic considers.

In his interview Khamitov also answered the questions concerning development of housing and public utilities, investment attractiveness of the republic, construction of large industrial facilities, such as "Kronospan" plant, "Yamal — Volga" product pipeline, relations with the federal centre, formation of local government bodies and their participation in the local economy, budget planning, preparation for SCO and BRICS International Summits, functioning of religious organizations, including the socialization of Islam.

Full text of Rustem Khamitov’s interview to the "Expert" magazine is available on the official website of the President of Bashkortostan.