Bashkortostan and the United Kingdom are planning to cooperate in the field of biotechnology

07 ноября

Promising areas of cooperation in the field of biotechnology were identified by members of the Russian- British round table conference in Ufa on Wednesday. According to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government RB Dmitry Sharonov, bilateral relations in the field of biotechnology "are on a quite low level" but have great prospects.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev's collection for «Ufa Knitwear» was presented at Moscow Fashion Week

28 октября

In Moscow, as part of Commercial Collections Day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia of the season spring-summer 2014 display of Vyacheslav Zaitsev's collection for the company «Ufa Knitwear», Tricardo trade mark has taken place. The collection of lady's wear from knitwear, added with several complete sets of men's wear was presented to audience, RIA "Fashion" reports. Fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev several times came to Ufa, worked with designers of the factory: «and that collection was born, which fragment then was shown in Paris. There was a tremendous success, a lot of orders …». According to Zaitsev, the collection’s feature is that «the fabric is made from plain threads which are very delicately decorated with fragments with folklore motive». It should be mentioned that in the summer of 2013 Vyacheslav Zaitsev came to Ufa for working over a new school uniform.

"The Sound of Kurai over the Seine" film continues to gather its audience in Germany

28 октября

On Saturday, October 26, at the club of German-Russian Benevolent Society of St. Alexander in Leipzig, an evening dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Nations took place. Among the guests there were historians, Slavic scholars, writers, poets, journalists, the reporter Guzel Girfanova informed.

Polish ecological delegation is paying a visit to Bashkortostan

08 октября

Polish delegation headed by the regional director of Directorate of the State Forests Richard Henry Zemblitski is paying an official visit to Bashkortostan. Visit of the Polish delegation will last till October 11, the press-service of the republican Ministry of Ecology informs. The primary objective of the visit is to exchange experience in the sphere of specially protected natural areas development on the basis of «the Bashkir Ural» biosphere reserve. “In Poland a variety of forms of nature preservation is presented,” Richard Henry Zemblitski said at the meeting with Deputy Minister of Nature Management and Ecology RB Ildus Yakhin. “Among them there is «Bialowieza forest» biosphere reserve included in the list of UNESCO world heritage. The area of this natural object, which uniqueness is universally recognized, makes 60 thousand hectares. It is a trans-border natural complex. We are interested in sharing with you our vision of this territory development and in studying the accumulated experience of Bashkortostan in this part.”

Olympic flame is delivered to Russia

07 октября

The Olympic flame kindled in Greece's Ancient Olympia on September 29 was delivered on a chartered flight from Athens to Moscow, where the Russian leg of the Olympic torch relay Sochi-2014 will start. The relay will go through 83 Russian regions, 2,900 towns and settlements. In its frameworks 14 thousand torchbearers will run 65 000 km. 3 thousand volunteers will take part in the scale event. The relay race will come to the end in four months on the day of opening of the Olympic Games on February 7, 2014. During 123 days the torch of Games will be carried by sportsmen and travel by cars, trains, planes, and also by Russian troyka and deer sleds. The Olympic flame relay race will take place in Bashkiria in December this year. 400 torchbearers are engaged for participation in it: eminent sportsmen, people actively going in for sports, followers of healthy way of life, popular and outstanding people.

Winners of the best apartment house competition will receive one hundred thousand rbl. in Bashkiria

02 октября

Each of 150 best apartment houses will receive 100 thousand rbl. in Bashkiria. From September, 15, till May 15, 2014 the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities holds a republican competition «The Best Apartment House». The corresponding decree «On carrying out of «The Best Apartment House» republican competition was approved by the Bashkortostan Republic Government on September 26. Apartment houses where one of management procedures according to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation is chosen and realised (the managing company is chosen, the homeowners association is formed or direct administration is exercised) and which correspond to certain criteria can take part in the competition. The prize-winning fund should be directed to an apartment house and a land plot maintenance which is a part of the general property of this house. Up to ten percent from the received means according to the decision of the general meeting of homeowners can be paid as an award to the chairman of the apartment house council or the chairman of homeowners association board.

Ministry of Forestry of Bashkiria has summed up preliminary results of fire- hazardous season-2013

02 октября

“From the beginning of this year 60 forest fires on the total area of 136,26 hectares have been registered in the territory of the forest fund of our republic. It was allocated six million rbl. for suppression of forest fires, one million rbl. were spent. The damage caused to the forest fund made 111 thousand rbl.,” the head of the press-service of the Ministry Aibulat Gajnullin noted.

Park similar to Disneyland to appear in Ufa

29 августа

In Ufa one of the greatest entertainment parks not only in Russia, but also in Europe will be constructed. A complex not conceding to the French Disneyland, Spanish Port Aventura and German Europa-Park will be located in the territory of the M.Gafuri’s Central Recreation Park, the spokesman of the investor — the general director of "Tricolor" company Michael Abramov promised in conversation with journalists on Wednesday.

By September 1, four new schools will be opened in regions of Bashkiria

27 августа

Four new schools and two kindergartens will be put into operation, two more educational institutions will be opened after reconstruction by the next academic year in Bashkortostan, the Ministry of Education RB informs. On September 2, one of new buildings —Zilair secondary comprehensive school will welcome more than 300 pupils, 40 from above them are first-graders. One more new school will open its doors in Uzyanbash village of Beloretsky region. This will be a long-awaited event for all rural citizens. “It was erected not just an educational institution, but social and recreational centre. Under the same roof a two-storeyed school building for 108 pupils, a kindergarten for 30 children and feldsher-midwife station are located. This year more than 10 children will go to the first form of the new school, there are total over 1000 first-graders in the region,” the head of education department Marina Sarantseva says. New schools will also be opened in Yahya village of Salavatsky region (for 60 pupils) and in Dorogino settlement of Ufa region (for 375 pupils). By the way, in the latter settlement the kindergarten for 160 kids will start working too.

National Youth Theatre goes on tour to Kabardino-Balkariya

27 августа

The Bashkir troupe of National Youth Theatre RB before the next season will spend tours in Kabardino-Balkariya, the press-service of the Ministry of Culture of Bashkortostan informs. The tour includes five cities of the Caucasian republic and will take place from September 23 till September 27. The theatre will show two premieres of the past season: «Old bridegrooms, or matchmaker Shombay» comedy by Florid Bulyakov’s play and "Cipollino" musical by Gianni Rodari’s fairy tale.