Troitsk festival of bard songs will be held in Ufa

21 июня

On June 23, the III Troitsk festival of bard songs will take place in Yakutov Park of Ufa. Organizers of the festival are the Missionary department, department of culture of Ufa archdiocese and youth creative centre "Transformation".

About 1,5 billion rbl. will be spent for summer holiday of children in Bashkiria

18 июня

In Bashkortostan one billion 477 million rbl. are directed for summer holiday and health improvement of children in 2013 from the consolidated budget, that is by 75,5 million more than in 2012. Means for acquisition of vouchers to health improving establishments and sanatoriums are formed also at the expense of organisations, parental payments, trade-union organisations, Alfis Gayazov, the Minister of Education RB specified.

All forest fires are liquidated in Bashkiria

18 июня

For today there are no forest fires in the territory of forest fund of Bashkortostan, the press-service of the Ministry of Forestry RB informs. It should be mentioned that from June 14 till June 16, it was revealed seven forest fires in the region which total area made about 9 hectares. Forests blazed in Avzyansky, Burzyansky, Dyurtyulinsky and Tuimazinsky forest areas. At present all ignitions are liquidated.

It is possible to send letters directly to heads of state bodies in Bashkiria

18 июня

Personal e-mail addresses of Bashkir officials became known. Now it is possible to direct letters directly to heads of the state bodies, heads of regions and cities of Bashkortostan Republic, the press-service of the Agency for Press and Mass-Media RB informs.

Penalties for infringement of hunting and fishery regulations have grown in Russia

21 мая

In Russia penalties for infringement of hunting and fishing regulations are increased. Respective amendments are brought to the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. They come into force since May 19, 2013.

92 percent of the planned areas are sowed with grain and grain legumes in Bashkiria

21 мая

Spring sowing is spent on the area of 1523 thousand hectares in Bashkortostan that makes 76 percent from the plan. From them spring crops and grain legumes occupy 1178 thousand hectares (92 percent to the plan), sugar beet — more than 48 thousand hectares (89 percent), sunflower — over 161 thousand hectares (91 percent), corn — 19,4 thousand hectares (22 percent).

Scientists took out animals from the "Bion M" space vehicle

20 мая

Scientists opened a capsule and took out animals from the "Bion M" space vehicle, landed on the field near Donetskoye village of Perevolotsky district of Orenburg Region in the morning on May 19, Azamat Salihov, the head of news office of Russia TV Channel informs. Originally the landing was planned on the border with Bashkortostan republic near Bulanovo village of the Orenburg Region, however the capsule with biological objects was carried down by the wind for 80 kilometres towards Samara. Nevertheless, experts quickly reached the place of landing and deployed a field laboratory there to make the first studies.

In Bashkiria participants of spring volunteer clean-ups collected 317 thousand tons of waste

20 мая

Over 317 thousand tons of solid household waste were collected by participants of ecological volunteer clean-ups in Bashkortostan this spring. They repaired more than 1,3 million square metres of roads and about 233 thousand running metres of fences and facades of buildings.

Ufa engine manufacturers invited Dina Garipova to have a rest from Eurovision in a local health resort

17 мая

Ufa engine manufacturers invited Dina Garipova to have a rest after the Eurovision Song Contest in one of the best health resorts of the branch — sports and health-improving complex "Zvezdny" of Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO), located near the Pavlovsk water basin, in 150 km to the north from Ufa.

Bashkir films will be shown in Chuvashiya

17 мая

The organising committee of the Cheboksary International Film Festival invited the "Bashkortostan" film studio to take part in its special program. The festival will be held in the city of Cheboksary from May 20 till May 25, 2013.