11.07.2014 - News

Rustem Khamitov met with UNESCO delegation

On July 10, Rustem Khamitov met with a delegation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) headed by Mr. Stefano De Caro, the press service of the head of the region informs.

"For more than 15 years Bashkortostan has been actively involved in the UNESCO activity. We are engaged in the implementation of international projects in the field of education, preservation of natural and cultural monuments. Among them there is a program "World Heritage", "Man and Biosphere" project, "Associated Schools" program, UNITWIN program of UNESCO department. We create conditions for the development of talented youth, promote student exchanges, we welcome students from overseas in our universities", Rustem Khamitov said.

He also stressed that "due to fruitful cooperation with the Directorate of UNESCO, the Russian Committee, due to signing a communiqué, and an active presentation, we were able to consider the preservation of the Shulgan-Tash Cave and the Ural-Batyr epic at the world level. Two years ago, the mixed natural and cultural reserve "Bashkir Urals — Ural Batyr Land" was included in the provisional list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a great event for us, the starting point for further work".

According to Mr. de Caro, the inclusion of "Bashkir Urals" monument in the list of world cultural heritage "has both spiritual and economic values".

"It refers to spiritual values that "Bashkir Urals" will be recognized throughout the world as part of the World Heritage Site having a universal value to the world. This is very important. It is also important that local people will be proud of the inclusion of the object in the World Heritage List. There are also economic benefits, such as tourism. This object will attract more tourists. It is very important that this fact will help to underline the diversity of Bashkir culture", the UNESCO representative noted.