18.06.2014 - News

Rustem Khamitov met with the Deputy Minister of Communications RF Alexei Volin

On June 17, Rustem Khamitov met with the Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Alexei Volin at the House of Republic. Prospects of television and radio broadcasting and print media development in the country, issues relating to postal services were discussed there, the press service of the head of the region informs.

Rustem Khamitov marked the need to preserve and develop local television stations, especially broadcasting in native languages.

“In this regard, the ministry's position and the position of the head of the region completely coincide”, Alexei Volin told reporters after the meeting. The Deputy Minister of Communications also informed the head of the republic that it was decided to retain analog broadcasting in the Russian Federation. Thereby five hundred regional and local broadcasters will be able to continue their operation.

The head of the republic noted that all post offices in rural areas should be preserved. He underlined that in any case the number of rural post offices should not be reduced that they, in fact, represented the centres of social life for many local people.

Alexei Volin marked that the position of Rustem Khamitov was heard. In Bashkiria operating post offices will continue to work. Currently Russian Post has decided to make a gradual increase in wages of postal workers, which remained extremely low for a long period of time.

Also the issue of subscription to printed periodicals was discussed at the meeting. Rustem Khamitov underlined that regional media were supported from the republican budget to ensure their publishing — including in situations of increasing tariffs for postal services and delivery.

The Deputy Minister of Communications said that over the past six years the subscription rates remained unchanged. "That is why price containment during these six years has led to significant increase in postal rates. And we discussed with the head of the republic what measures can be taken to soften the blow for the population and for the print media", Alexei Volin said.

"Following our conversation with the head of the republic, today and tomorrow I will hold meetings with representatives of Bashkortostan department of Russian Post and with representatives of TV and radio companies, and tomorrow there will be two large meetings. One large meeting will be with regional broadcasters. We will discuss the possibilities and prospects of regional television development. The second one will be carried out with the print media, where we will discuss all set of issues", Alexei Volin concluded.