24.12.2013 - News

Flight from Ufa to Orenburg will cost 2713 rubles in 2014

The Russian government has approved subsidies from the federal budget to air transport organizations to ensure the availability of intra-regional transport in the Volga Federal District. 620 million rubles will be directed for regional air service support. The corresponding decree was signed by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

In accordance with the new regulations subsidies will be provided for air transport companies (airlines) on a monthly basis. The subsidy amount will be determined by multiplying the number of flights on the amount of a subsidy established for a single flight. The limit sum of special fare for flights from Ufa to Yoshkar-Ola will be 4 286 rubles, the subsidy to the carrier for one flight in the same direction will amount to 81 728 rubles. A ticket from Kirov to Ufa will cost 4 612 rubles, the carrier will receive a subsidy of 85 869 rubles. Residents of Bashkiria will be able to fly to Orenburg from Ufa for 2 713 rubles, 49 870 rubles will be allocated from the budget to the carrier to cover expenses for one flight in the same direction. A ticket to Perm will cost 3 201 rubles (54 187 rubles of the subsidy), a special fare to Ulyanovsk will amount to 3 527 rubles (73 242 rubles of the subsidy).

Recall that the pilot project of the regional air transportation under the subsidy program was launched in the Volga Federal District on 1 April 2013. At the end of November, more than 8900 flights were executed at the subsidized routes and about 80,000 passengers were transported. It is decided to prolong the project of the regional air transportation subsidizing.

Rozaliya Valeeva.