17.12.2013 - News

Frosts came to Bashkiria

This week in Bashkortostan frosty weather is established, weather forecasters predict small amounts of precipitation.

According to the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia, on December 16 "heavy snow, blizzard, sleet formation and snow drifts" are expected in the region. On December 18 at most part of the Volga Federal District snow, sleet, ice-slick and wind from 15 to 20 metres per second are forecasted.

On December 16 and 17 in some areas of the republic at night air temperature will drop to 20 degrees below zero, during the day it will rise to minus 12-14 degrees Celsius.

Starting from Wednesday, December 18, it will get warmer in the region, in the afternoon to minus three to five degrees in places. While at night the temperature will continue to stay at 17-18 degrees of frost.

On Thursday, December 19, weather forecasters predict the warmest day of this week — 8-10 degrees below zero at night and minus two to four degrees during the day.

By the end of the week it will get colder again in the region — up to 16-18 degrees below zero at night and minus 9-12 degrees in the afternoon, Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia informs.

Galina Bakhshieva.