Pilot aviaproject in Volga region: executed flights are subsidised

31 июля

Under the new decision the project term is prolonged till December 31, 2013, and the size of subsidising is increased by 150 million roubles. Thus the main loading falls on the federal budget. Expected effect from realisation of a complex of measures is increase in volume of transportations to 90 thousand passengers.

Russia and Kazakhstan international forum to be held in Ufa

31 июля

The international round-table conference «Russia and Kazakhstan: political, legal, economic and sociocultural arguments of cooperation» will take place in Ufa on July 31. The scientific forum is organised by the UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre in the Russian Federation at Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies (branch) of Educational Institution of Trade Unions of Higher Vocational Education «Academy of Labour and Social Relations» together with the Centre of Public Diplomacy.

Bashkir farmers have concluded 12 contracts on agricultural machinery delivery

29 июля

This week the technopark of Bashkiria has replenished with seven more combine harvesters due to implementation of the federal program of agricultural machinery manufacturers subsidising. Currently Bashkir farmers have concluded 12 contracts on delivery of domestic agricultural machinery at lower price. 10 from them are concluded on delivery of 15 combine harvesters manufactured by LLC "KZ Rostselmash"; per one contract — on "Kirovets" tractor and disk header delivery. The rest of funds accounted for the share of manufacturers realising agricultural machinery in Bashkiria, makes 65 million roubles, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs. The full information on the registered manufacturers of machinery — participants of the program is available on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

Nominal salaries will grow by 11,5 percent due to increase of minimum wage rate to 5,554 thousand rbl.

29 июля

Increase of minimum wage rate since January 1, 2014 to 5,554 thousand rbl. will lead to growth of nominal salaries in Russia by 11,5 percent, mass-media inform referring to the Deputy Minister of Labour of the Russian Federation Luboth Eltsova. Prospects of increase in minimum wage rate were discussed at the session of the Russian tripartite commission on sociolabour relations regulation.

UMPO and «Gazprom transgas Ufa» have raised reliability of gas transportation in Bashkiria

10 июля

«Gazprom transgas Ufa» in cooperation with JSC UMPO managed to raise considerably reliability of avia-drives AL-31ST produced in Ufa for gas-compressor units GPA-16R "Ufa". The meeting which was spent on Tuesday at «Gazprom transgas Ufa» LLC by the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov was devoted to reliability of gas transport objects in the region. “All requirements and terms specified by us last year for manufacturers and users of units are fulfilled,’ Rustem Khamitov said. “Last year UMPO workers repaired 10 engines. This year six engines more are prepared, and five are in the reserve. The plant does not lag behind the repair schedule. For today we are sure that this project will survive. The AL-31ST project — a drive for gas-compressor units should reach the design parametres of reliability. This is the most important thing. When drives work reliably than the gas-transport system works reliably - therefore population and enterprises of our republic are reliably provided with gas.”

Members of parliament of South Korea and Bashkiria outlined ways for further cooperation

10 июля

The Chairman of the State Assembly — Kurultay of Bashkortostan Konstantin Tolkachev has held a meeting with the deputy of National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, a member of parliamentary Committee on Trade, Industry and Energy Sector, the vice-chairman of Senuri ruling party M-r Kim Khan Pe.

The largest in Baltic Grindex Pharmaceutical Company will open its manufacture in Ufa

10 июля

In the near future the chairman of council of Grindex company Kirov Lipman plans to expand manufacture and expressed his intention to open a manufacture in Ufa, the Deputy Prime-Minister of the Government of Bashkortostan republic Dmitry Sharonov informed.

In Bashkiria 7,5 percent of annual fund of subsidies for agricultural machinery are used

05 июля

Eight agricultural machinery supply contracts under the subsidising program are concluded for today in Bashkortostan. Compensation is given on purchase of combine harvesters, a tractor and a disk header — total 11 vehicles. The machinery will be received by farms of Meleuzovsky, Buzdyaksky, Sharansky, Sterlitamaksky, Kaltasinsky and Davlekanovsky regions.

About 20 million rbl. will be directed for development of «Bashkir Ural» biospheric reserve

04 июля

“The next three years it will be directed from 15 to 20 million rbl. for development of «Bashkir Ural» biospheric reserve, now we form an application for financing,” the director of the "Shulgan-Tash" public natural reserve Michael Kosarev said at the press conference in Bashinform News Agency.

Minimum living wage for the first quarter is 7095 rbl. in Russia

03 июля

In Russia the living wage for the first quarter 2013 is defined by the governmental order of the Russian Federation in the sum of 7095 rbl. — by 5,8 percent more than in the fourth quarter 2012. The living wage is established for able-bodied population at the level of 7633 roubles, for pensioners — 5828 rbl., for children — 6859 rbl. Compared to the fourth quarter 2012, the sums have grown, accordingly, by 5,1, 10,4 and 6,6 percent. The price index for the same period amounted to 101,9 percent. The sums are calculated according to the Federal law «On minimum living wage in the Russian Federation». This value is established for estimation of a living standard of the population when working out federal social programs, defining minimum monthly wage, sums of allowances and other social payments.