The President of Bashkortostan: «We should support elaboration and implementation of biotechnologies»

07 августа

In 2013 Bashkortostan plans to receive more than 50 million rbl. from the federal budget for the project realisation on creation of a regional biotechnological engineering centre in the republic.

Budgetary funds saving due to school buses delivery tender has made 41,4 million rbl. in Bashkiria

07 августа

The State Committee on Public Contracts of Bashkortostan (Goskomzakaz) summed up open tender results on delivery of 219 school buses. It was allocated 295 million rbl. from the budget for their acquisition.

Mortgage loans are issued on average for 14,5 years at 13,3 percent per annum in Bashkiria

07 августа

An average crediting term on mortgage loans in roubles constituted 14,5 years in Bashkortostan following the results of January-June. The average interest rate was 13,3 percent per annum, the National Bank RB reports by results of the first half of the year.

Total milk yield in Bashkiria has reached almost 900 thousand tons

06 августа

Farms of two more regions of Bashkortostan — Aurgazinsky and Ufa — crossed the three-thousandth boundary on milk yield per each cow from the beginning of 2013. Taking them into account, today in the republic there are seven regions, which already overcome the three-thousandth boundary. Thus, in Sterlitamaksky region from the beginning of current year 3603 kg of milk are received from each cow at present. This indicator is equal 3565 kg in Chekmagushevsky region, 3202kg in Tatyshlinsky region, 3123 in Meleuzovsky region, 3071 kg in Dyurtyulinsky region. From the beginning of this year it is received on average across Bashkortostan 2423 kg of milk from each cow, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs. Daily yeild these days averages 12,7 kg. The Sterlitamaksky region is the leader on milk output where 17,1 kg of milk are received from each cow every day. This indicator is equal 15,8; 15,5 and 15,2 kg in Chekmagushevsky, Aurgazinsky and Meleuzovsky region, accordingly.

Investments and human resources will be the main topics at «The Birsky Apple» forum

06 августа

The V Inter-regional «The Birsky Apple» forum will be held in Birsk on September 14, Agency on Territorial Development of Bashkortostan Republic reports.

Elite housing has risen in price by 3,8 percent for a month in Ufa

05 августа

Average cost of elite habitation in Ufa as of August, 1 makes 79,8 thousand rbl. per sq.m, the "Expert" real estate agency informs. For a month prices in elite housing segment have grown by 3,8 percent at general decrease of prices in the market of finished habitation in July by 0,8 percent.

Vladimir Putin has offered regions to become participants of the project on new railroad construction

02 августа

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has held a meeting concerning development of high-speed railway communication. Construction of a high-speed railway Moscow — Kazan is one of scale infrastructural projects declared by the President in June at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. According to the plans the railway should be put into operation in 2018.

Bashkortostan farmers have concluded contracts on delivery of 23 combines at a discount

02 августа

Due to the federal program on subsidising agricultural machinery manufacturers, farmers of Bashkortostan have concluded at present 17 contracts on delivery of 23 combine harvesters manufactured by LLC "KZ" Rostselmash", "Kirovets" К-744Р2 tractor manufactured by Petersburg Tractor Factory and three disk heeders BDM 3х4 LLC manufactured by BDM-AGRO.

12 billion rbl. will be directed on perfection of industrial wastes control system in Bashkiria

02 августа

In Bashkortostan the republican target-oriented program «Control system perfection over industrial wastes in the territory RB» for 2013 — 2020 is confirmed. The corresponding governmental order of the republic is signed on July 31, 2013.

Average cost of finished habitation in Ufa is 60,9 thousand rbl. per sq.m

01 августа

60,9 thousand rbl. per sq.m is an average cost of finished habitation in Ufa as of August 1. By data of "Expert" real estate agency, prices in this segment decreased a little in July — by 0,8 percent. From the beginning of the year growth by 1,7 percent is marked.