Qatar examines Bashkortostan’s investment potential in the petroleum sector and engineering

16 января

Negotiations with representatives of IAS International (the State of Qatar) were held at the House of Republic by the Deputy Prime Minister of Bashkortostan Government – the Minister of Economic Development RB Eugene Mavrin. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development RB.

Head of National Bank RB gave a positive forecast of republican banks development

27 декабря

The situation in all ten national credit institutions is stable, the development forecast is positive, the chairman of the National Bank of Bashkortostan Marat Kashapov said at the meeting with the heads of media on Thursday. According to him, there are no reasons to worry about. It is marked only a certain slowdown of individual deposits growth. Answering the question about the outflow of funds of depositors from some credit institutions into another Marat Kashapov replied that substantial cash flow was not observed. Balances of the banks are almost the same as at the beginning of 2013. The Chairman of the National Bank RB and media executives signed a memorandum of cooperation. The document which earlier was in effect is revised according to new tasks. In particular, a working procedure of the National Bank with the media is defined.

Food production will exceed the level of the last year in Bashkiria

27 декабря

Index of industrial food production in Bashkortostan following the results of 2013 will exceed 100 percent, according to the Ministry of Agriculture RB. In 2013, there is an increase in production of meat and variety meats, half-finished meat, canned meat, sugar from sugar beets, ice cream and mineral water in the republic.

Real wages in Bashkortostan for the year grew by 3.4 percent - to 22 470.4 rubles in October

25 декабря

Average nominal monthly wages of employees of republican enterprises and organizations in October amounted to 22 470.4 rubles per month, according to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency.

In Bashkortostan favourable investment legislation is formed - experts

24 декабря

Favourable investment legislation providing equal rights and opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors is formed in Bashkortostan. This was announced at the XI Congress of the Regional Investments "Technologies of regional development at budget constraints" by the head of investment and foreign economic relations department of the Ministry of Economic Development of Bashkortostan Artem Kireev.

Rustem Khamitov acquainted with investment project implementation at Baimaksky Casting and Mechanical Plant

23 декабря

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov during his Friday working trip visited JSC "Baimaksky Casting and Mechanical Plant" and examined its production facilities. According to preliminary results, the plant output will amount to 423 million rubles in 2013, which is by 30 percent more than in 2012. Such tendency was provided by an increase of the gross output of casting by 566 tons – to 2550 tons. This year, the company completed the investment project implementation "Organization of steel cast of 110G13L grade". A new department of the cast shop was put into operation under this project included in the priority investment projects of Bashkortostan Republic. And in October, in city of Trekhgorny of the Chelyabinsk Region a separate subdivision of the enterprise was organized. It is engaged in manufacturing of metal and metal products. Products for 7.3 million rubles were manufactured there for two months of work.

Ufa Employment Service found jobs to 17.3 thousand unemployed

23 декабря

Since the beginning of 2013 almost 17.3 thousand unemployed Ufa residents found jobs with the help of the Employment Service. More about 1.8 thousand unemployed were directed to free training and retraining to the trades in demand in the modern labour market.

Rustem Khamitov inspected the first fixed weight checkpoint in Bashkiria

20 декабря

In Bashkortostan the first fixed weight checkpoint is built. It is organized on the road section Magnitogorsk — Ira in Baimaksky region of the republic. The new object of road infrastructure was inspected by the President RB Rustem Khamitov during his working visit over the region on Friday. The weight checkpoint will work since December 24. Its staff includes ten employees.

Contracts for equipment supply for small-scale petrochemical cluster in Bashkiria will be concluded by the end of the year

20 декабря

The Ministry of Industry and Innovation Policy of Bashkortostan completes the tender of equipment suppliers for the Centre for Multiple Access to high-tech equipment of small-scale petrochemical cluster.

33.7 billion rubles were directed for payment of maternity capital in Bashkortostan since 2007

17 декабря

Since January 1, 2007 171 566 state certificates for maternity (family) capital were issued in Bashkortostan, including 25 564 certificates in 2012, 24 712 certificates in 2013. Since the execution of the law No.256 "On additional measures of state support for families with children" 33.7 billion rubles of maternity capital were transferred, the press service of Bashkortostan Department of the Pension Fund RF reports.