Bashkortostan and Tadzhikistan have defined interaction prospects

12 апреля

The Deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB Salavat Sagitov and the director of the noncommercial organisation «Office-group to support the SCO and BRICS events carrying out in the city of Ufa in 2015» Ruslan Mirsayapov as a part of the Russian delegation have taken part in the International Conference on Inter-regional Cooperation between Russia and Tadzhikistan which was held in the city of Dushanbe. As the official website of the Government RB informs, about 300 representatives of Russian and Tadzhik state structures, universities, non-governmental, noncommercial, humanitarian organisations, business community, creative associations and unions, independent Russian and Tadzhik experts, mass-media participated in the conference. In parallel with work of sections Tadzhik and Russian parties made presentations of topical economic and humanitarian projects. Salavat Sagitov invited colleagues from Tadzhikistan, the SCO-member country to take active part in the events planned within the limits of preparation for the SCO and BRICS Summits in Ufa in 2015. Bilateral negotiations between Salavat Sagitov and the State Adviser for economic policy of the President of Tadzhikistan Republic Faruh Hamraliev took place. Tadzhikistan takes the 46th place in total foreign trade turnover of Bashkortostan with relative density of 0,1 percent. The arrangement on cooperation between Bashkortostan and Tadzhikistan Republic for considerable growth of these indicators is reached. It is planned that current year the republic will be visited by delegation of Tadzhikistan business community which will familiarise with potential of the region and will consider possible variants of interaction in various economical areas. Also Bashkortostan is ready to hold a presentation of modern trade, economic, investment, scientific and technical, educational and cultural potential of the republic in Dushanbe in 2014.

Bashkortostan will receive 395,7 million rbl. for further rural development in 2013

11 апреля

This year Bashkortostan within the limits of the federal target-oriented program «Social rural development till 2013» will receive grants in the sum of 395,7 million rbl.

Investment volumes will exceed 100 billion rbl. in Ufa in 2013

10 апреля

“The volume of investments for the last years has exceeded pre-crisis level for the first time — in 2008 the maximum sum of investments equaled 86 billion rbl.,” the deputy head of Ufa administration Ildar Hasanov said at the press conference in the capital city council. “In 2013 we plan that investments will exceed a threshold of 100 billion rbl.” In 2012, according to the city administration, this sum amounted to 94 billion 800 million rbl., that is 86 thousand rbl. per capita. On this indicator Ufa is on the second place among the Russian million cities. “Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan and Yekaterinburg are among leaders,” Ildar Hasanov marked. “In order to reach their level investment volumes should be increased in one and half times.”

Bulgaria and Bashkortostan discuss prospects of health tourism joint development

10 апреля

The delegation of Bulgaria expressed its intention to establish cooperation with Bashkortostan in the field of health tourism and balneology at the meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Bashkortostan on Tuesday.

Preferential flights from Ufa to cities of the Volga region were used by more than 190 passengers

09 апреля

A pilot project on development of regional aviation transportations has started to work at the Ufa International Airport since April 1. According to the State Committee of Bashkortostan Republic on Transport and Road Facilities, from April 1 till April 7, 192 passengers departed from Ufa, and 187 arrived in the city.

It is allocated about 500 million rbl. for the program of business development of Bashkiria in 2013

09 апреля

Amendments to the long-term target-oriented program «Development and support of small and medium entrepreneurship in Bashkortostan Republic» for 2013-2018 are confirmed by the Governmental order RB.

Rustem Khamitov and Jean de Gliniasty have discussed cooperation prospects between Bashkortostan and France

05 апреля

Prospects of cooperation between Bashkortostan and France in economic and social spheres were discussed at the meeting of President RB Rustem Khamitov and the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of France in Russia Jean de Gliniasty. The diplomat has arrived in Ufa as the head of business community delegation. According to Rustem Khamitov, the foreign trade turnover between Bashkortostan and France following the results of 2012 made 150 million dollars. From them 100 million dollars are accounted for export, about 50 million — for import. The republic delivers to France, mainly, mineral oil, and buys machinery and equipment. In the long term the head of Bashkortostan expects changes in the structure of export due to innovative products. Development of investment cooperation between two republics, according to Rustem Khamitov, was promoted by the legislation modernization focused on investment climate improvement.

Flights from Ufa airport to Kazan and Samara will be done daily

03 апреля

Three flights to to Kazan and two flights to Samara within the limits of the program on development of regional aviation transportations will be done from Ufa international airport daily, the Ufa airport press-service informs.

Ufa is on the 13th position in Russia on prices in the secondary housing market

03 апреля

Ufa occupies the 13th position on habitation cost in the secondary market. RBC submits such data as of March, 2013 referring to materials of the Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR).

Average cost of habitation in Ufa by the end of March is 60,6 thousand rbl. per sq.m

02 апреля

The average price of one square metre of finished habitation in Ufa at present makes 60,6 thousand rbl. Taking into account an elite housing it amounted to 61,6 thousand rbl.