Rustem Khamitov: The "500 farms" program - is the best option to develop livestock farming

11 июля

During 2012-2014, as part of the regional program "500 farms" works were carried out at 252 dairy farms (178 of them have the status of program participants, 74 – of candidates). The total funding of the program amounted to 3.3 billion rubles in 2012-2013, including 2.5 billion rubles of own means of farmers and 0.8 billion rubles of bank loans. These are intermediate outcomes of the program, which were summed up by participants of the meeting "Field Day", which was held in Meleuzovsky region, the press service of the head of the region informs.

Gasoline prices rose again at Bashneft filling stations from July 10

11 июля

New prices for petrol are set at gas stations of JSOC Bashneft on July 10. The most popular brands of fuel became more expensive. Gasoline of brands REGULAR 92, ATUM-92 and Premium Euro-95 rose in price by 40 kopecks — up to 30.4 30.9 and 34.3 rubles per litre, respectively. Euro-Super 98 gasoline rose in price by 60 kopecks — now one litre costs 35.7 rubles.

Rustem Khamitov: "We must learn to live within our means. Save every ruble one can"

10 июля

On July 9, Rustem Khamitov held a working session on results of the budget execution for the first six months and its perspectives till the end of 2014, the press service of the head of the region informs. As Khamitov marked, "Bashkortostan was and obviously remains one of the leading regions in terms of gross regional product, taxes revenues to the budget system of the country. The republic is among the 11 subjects of the Russian Federation which form nearly two-thirds of tax revenues of the consolidated budget. In our republic more than 2% of all tax and non-tax revenues of the Russian Federation are mobilized". According to the head of the region in the first half of the year the consolidated budget received about 60 billion rubles of tax and non-tax revenues, or more precisely, 59.6 billion rubles. Growth to the same period of the last year amounted to 4.1%. “This is below the national average and Volga Federal District average. In the second half of the year we should catch up the backlog and ensure absolute budget fulfillment”.

Inflation amounted to 4.8 percent in Bashkiria in the first half of the year

09 июля

In January-June, inflation was 4.8 percent in Bashkortostan, as in Russia as a whole. In the Volga Federal District, this figure ranges from 3.8 percent in the Udmurt Republic to 5.6 percent in the Ulyanovsk region, Bashkortostan Statistics Agency reports.

Almost half of Russians will spend their holidays at home - VTSIOM

06 июня

This summer 46 percent of Russians are going to spend their vacations at home, according to analysts of All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre. Mainly elderly people (59 percent of respondents aged over 60 years), rural residents (59 percent), respondents with low-income (63) and having primary education (76) are not planning to go anywhere in the summer.

Delegation of Chinese city Chongqing visited Bashkortostan

05 июня

In Ufa the delegation of the city of Chongqing of the People's Republic of China met with the leadership of Bashkortostan Republic. "The cooperation between the Russian Federation and China is growing rapidly,” the head of the region Rustem Khamitov said. "The Republic of Bashkortostan is a large industrial republic; we develop such industries as petroleum, petrochemical, engineering and agricultural ones. We can cooperate with you in these and other areas.

IV International Forum "Big Chemistry" takes place in Ufa

29 мая

Ufa hosts the IV International Forum "Big Chemistry". The forum began with a plenary session "Prospects for oil and gas industry domestic market of Russia". Opening the forum, the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov noted that "quantity of meetings is steadily moving into a new quality" — for three years, the forum has attracted the attention of major foreign and domestic petrochemical companies, the range of discussed problems has expanded — "joint effective activity is conducted" on them. The dominant feature of the Presidential speech was import substitution. Bashkortostan President marked that the current world market of petrochemicals was specialized and monopolized, and in price parameters our products conceded to foreign analogues. High energy consumption, depreciation of fixed assets, low labor productivity were named among the main problems of domestic petrochemical plants. According to the President RB, domestic companies have the necessary potential for import substitution. For example, catalyst plants of Bashkortostan – enterprises of Ishimbay, Sterlitimak, Salavat are capable to provide with catalysts all domestic petrochemical industry. "Their products are not only equal, but in number of parameters exceed world counterparts", Khamitov said.

Bashkortostan businesswomen visited a forum in Prague

28 мая

Women entrepreneurs RB participated in the first Russian- Czech Women's Business Forum, which was held in Prague. Group of representatives of small and medium enterprises of the republic was headed by the chairman of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs RB, the member of the Public Chamber of Bashkortostan Alla Kuzmina. “The program of the forum was aimed at establishing personal business contacts and deepening cooperation of women in such sectors as IT- technology, medicine, engineering, design, manufacture of textiles, clothing, footwear, food products,” Alla Kuzmina said. “The Forum was opened by the President of the Czech -Moravian Association of Women Entrepreneurs Olga Girstlova who underlined in her speech a strategic nature of current cooperation between Russia and the Czech Republic.” The forum was attended by representatives of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic. During the meeting, an agreement was signed on cooperation between the Czech-Moravian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and the All-Russian public organization "Women in Business." This organization was represented by regional offices in Moscow, Sochi, Tula, Stavropol Territory, Krasnodar Territory and Bashkortostan.

Rustem Khamitov met with the Consul General of Tajikistan in Ufa Sodik Imomov

27 мая

On May 26, the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov met with Sodik Imomov, the Consul General of Tajikistan in Ufa. Today, three-year term of powers of the consulate head expired and he will continue to execute his duties in the city of Dushanbe. The third Secretary of the Consulate Manuchehr Ismatov will fulfill his duties till the appointment of the new head of the diplomatic mission, the press service of the head of the republic informs.

Half of Russians have enough income only for current needs - VTSIOM

23 мая

Russians spend 47 percent of all revenues for the current needs, according to the latest statistical survey by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre. Respondents with incomes below average (57 percent) do this more often than respondents with high income (26). 36 percent of Russians first spend money on everyday needs and then save the rest. Only 15 percent of respondents first set apart some money and then spend what is left. This is more typical for respondents with high incomes (22). VTSIOM also found for what purposes the Russians would save funds in case of such opportunity. Most often our citizens would save for a "rainy day" (27 percent), for a purchase of housing (26), or simply "as a reserve" (24). Respondents also would save for medical treatment (21), rest and recreation (16). Goals change with people’s age. Thus, people older than 60 years more likely save for a "rainy day" (51 percent) and medical treatment (35). 25-34 -year-olds would prefer to save for the purchase of flats (45), rest and recreation (25).