06.06.2014 - Economiс

Almost half of Russians will spend their holidays at home - VTSIOM

This summer 46 percent of Russians are going to spend their vacations at home, according to analysts of All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre. Mainly elderly people (59 percent of respondents aged over 60 years), rural residents (59 percent), respondents with low-income (63) and having primary education (76) are not planning to go anywhere in the summer.

Every fifth (22 percent) respondent is going to have a rest in our country. Nine percent of survey respondents chose the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, the same number is going to visit Crimea (versus 2 percent in 2013). 6 percent of Russians arrange themselves vacations abroad. 4 percent of respondents will go to another town or village of Russia.

Vacationers planning to go anywhere this summer are willing to spend on a trip an average of 30.7 thousand rubles per family member. 54 percent of those who are going to travel informed that more often they save money for holidays. Only 18 percent of respondents are willing to pay for the trip from current funds and 6 percent will be paid for their journeys by relatives or friends.

Elvira Latypova.