27.08.2013 - Economiс

Doctors and school teachers wages in Bashkiria are above average over the republic — statistics

The average level of public sector employees’ wages in the republic in the first half of 2013 was calculated by Bashkortostan Statistics Agency. Statisticians compared the earnings of separate categories of public sector employees with average wages over the region — 21 653,8 roubles per month.

Thus, pedagogical workers of general education establishments received 23 028,7 roubles per month in Bashkortostan in January-June, that is by 6,3 percent exceeds average earnings over the republic. The average salary of teachers in preschool educational institutions amounted to 17 777,2 roubles per month (96,7 percent to average wages in general education sphere). Teachers and masters of in-service training at primary and secondary vocational training establishments received on average 19 570 rbl. per month (90,4 percent to the average salary over the region), lecturers at higher education institutions — 34 650,5 roubles (160 percent).

Doctors and employees of medical organisations who have degrees of higher education received on average 36 981,9 roubles per month in the first half of the year — 170,8 percent to the average wages across Bashkortostan. Wages of nursing staff were 18 972,6 roubles per month (87,6 percent), paramedical staff — 11 265,6 roubles (52 percent).

The average wages of social workers are 8 166,9 roubles per month (37,7 percent to average over the republic), workers of culture establishments — 12 339,6 roubles (57 percent), scientific employees — 26 623,6 roubles (123 percent).

Elvira Latypova.